Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thoughtful Extravagance

Ok, so the other day I had to stop at the grocery store to buy some Disneyland 2Fer tickets (no not for me, sigh). Out walks a man carrying a plastic wrapped bunch of flowers. The wheels start turning. How nice, he got his wife flowers, or maybe not so nice. He had nothing else which means this was a special stop to get the flowers. Perhaps these are apology flowers. Is he sincere or are these just "here are some flowers, get over it" apology flowers? Or maybe he really is just thoughtful and on the way home just wanted to do something for her. Perhaps it is a special occasion, but if that was the case he might be in trouble. The flowers he chose definitely did not say special occasion. At any rate I had to hold myself back from hopping out of the car and running over to tell him that the presentation of the flowers was just as important as the flowers themselves. Remove the plastic wrap, trim them down, remove damaged foliage and petals, display them properly and present them at the right moment. You can imagine my total shock when I arrived home later than I should have, found the house quiet and boys in bed and a lovely vase of pink roses sitting in the middle of the table. The plastic wrap and trimmings had been disposed of and there were clippers on the counter, evidence of the extra effort exerted on the presentation. Thank you Kevin!! What a wonderful surprise!

Friday, January 2, 2009

To do, to do , to do....

I came across a December "to do" list while cleaning my dresser. I was pleased for once, to find I had completed all the tasks. Among them:
sewing an apron. My poor mother. I made her drag down her sewing machine with her on her trip down here from Utah to help me with this one. Thank you! I am not a sewer, so this one is huge for me. I gifted it to my sister. Sorry, Ruru, I shouldn't victimize the people I love with homemade gifts!

On my to do list for 2009:
  • Cook fish
  • Make biscuits that are not flat dense paper weights
  • Have a family photo taken
  • Visit Yosemite

Don't worry, I will try not to give anyone wrapped fish for Christmas in an effort to check it off my to do list (biscuit paper weights however, is a definite possibility).

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Ambassadors...

was the term given to my two sons as they bounced down the trail at Torrey Pines bellowing out "Happy New Year" to EVERY single person they passed. We were at first dismayed that everyone in San Diego County had the same idea of what to do on New Year's Day but watching the response to the boys made up for the lack of solitude. The highlight of the day was when a lady stopped to chat it up with Kedrick. Enchanted by his enthusiasm and energy, she jokingly asked if he could push her up the hill. To her surprise, he walked around behind her, planted his hands on her butt and started to push. We all about died laughing. Good kid.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

So this is snow....

We trekked off to Palomar Mountain for a day of winter. I love a day trip to another climate zone. Kedrick had high hopes of building a snowman, sledding, throwing snowballs at Mommy, making a snow angel and eating snow. I think we managed to make all his dreams come true. Brock took right to sledding and enjoyed the "big crashes."
So beautiful! Almost makes me want to move to a place with snow, almost.
Note snowball mid-air. Kedrick's aim has really improved!

I don't mean to sound like someone who was born and raised in San Diego but I had no idea you had to roll a snowball to do a decent sized snow person. Next time I'll bring gloves!

We borrowed someone else's pre-finished snowlady for the picture.

Kedrick's first snow angel!

Kevin feeding his sons snow. They loved it. Kedrick savored it thoughtfully and said "Mmmm, this is really good." He asked Daddy for tips on which snow he could eat and he and Brock went around the rest of the time sampling snow.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Sweet as Snow

Santa is the best! He delivered a train as requested. Brock zeroed in on it first and within moments they were both pointing and saying, "a train, a train, look, Santa brought us a train!" The hope, the expectation and then the sheer joy of looking down at your hearts desire. They took the slow and savor approach to Christmas morning and would not be rushed (which I fully endorse). Santa also left a supply of sugar cereals on the kitchen table. Kedrick was in bewilderment. "Why, why would, why whould Santa leave us sugar cereal?" He mulled it over a few minutes and then came up with the satisfactory explanation, "I know why Santa left sugar cereal. Because snow tastes sweet and that is why he left the sugar cereal." And with that he delved into a bowl of Apple Jacks. Brock chose the Fruity Cheerios.

We never left the house Christmas day but we managed to cook up our first turkey dinner! Kedrick came into the kitchen and said "who's coming over for dinner?" When I replied nobody he was a bit confused why the tablecloth and all the food. I felt a huge sense of accomplishment and feel I have completed the final step into adulthood, cooking my own turkey. I relished in the cranberry sauce with lime and orange zest. The lime and pear jello (which sounds disgusting as do most jello recipes but is actually something I crave) was presented to me with a bow on top by my sister and was one of my favorite things to eat for days.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Getting Ready for Christmas

First the visit to Santa at the Ward Christmas party....Kedrick, planted himself first in line in anxious anticipation of his few moments with Santa. A rush of older kids not noticing him, ran up and formed a new line when Santa finally arrived. Kedrick, undaunted by the others, pushed ahead and ran straight up to Santa. He knew what question was coming and had his response ready, "another train." Brock on the other hand was a deer in the headlights and froze up. When the big question came he responded "Two" with a frozen look on his face. I assume when he realized he had no idea what Santa had just asked him he defaulted to the response to the most common question he gets, "how old are you?" Or maybe he just meant, "whatever you bring, bring two so we don't have to fight over it."

Gathering with the cousins to view the Light Parade on Boats at Sea Port Village.

We gathered with our friends for a Christmas Eve Rehearsel Dinner complete with ham and twice baked potatoes. Most the kids ran wild except the three oldest who did their best at acting out the Nativity. Kedrick took on the role of Joseph, Nicky completely immersed herself in her role as Mary and Jaron stood proudly as an angel declaring his joyful message. Mary and Joseph had some difference of opinion on how to care for baby Jesus. Mary wanted him in the cradle, Joseph wanted to take him out. Mary, calmly but resolutely closed the lid of the box Jesus was sleeping in and perched herself on top. Joseph was at a loss and wandered off.
Christmas Eve was spent with family at my sister's house in Carlsbad. My parents had come down from Utah. We feasted, white elephanted and listened to Luke 2. Acting out the Nativity just didn't happen, instead there was a giant wrestling match with all the cousins. They were tamed long enough however to listen to a large story book version of Luke 2. Kedrick was impressed by how big the angel was. His cousin Jacob wanted to know if Jesus was in charge and who was the boss of Jesus.

Kedrick was concerned about what kind of milk we should leave with the cookies for Santa. Does he like Mommy and Daddy's milk or the kids' milk? He recommended we keep Santa's glass of milk in the fridge so it wouldn't go bad. He drank sour milk once, it left an impression. Brock was smiles all night.
It's been fun trying to focus more on the true meaning of Christmas this year. Kedrick especially is really understanding so much more and it is so amazing to watch them learn to pray and develop their own understanding. I have to say though, I was a bit stumped when he wanted details on how exactly Jesus came out of Mary's tummy and wouldn't accept any of my general and vague responses. I said I would ask daddy and get back to him. Thankfully he accepted that.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


So this is what happens when you let your aunt go with you to see the lights and trains of Christmas Card Lane....

She makes you take pictures highlighting the pointy elf hat. You cooperate only because you are too distracted by the train.

And this is how you let her know you've had enough goofy pictures with the elf hat (but yes you WILL put it on again next year).

Kedrick and Brock sat and watched the model train display FOREVER and could have stayed as long as we would have let them. They never tried to touch it, they just sat in awe and respect. For the first time I thought maybe, just maybe, there is hope I can teach them the concept of reverence. I will describe it as the feeling they get inside when they see a really amazing model railroad.